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All information about Sponsored Product Ads summarised

  • What are Sponsored Product Ads?
  • Where are they displayed?
  • What are the costs associated with Sponsored Product Ads?
  • How can I start?


  • What can I do to boost my sales?

    You have different options to increase your sales:

    1. Make sure that you do not have invalid items in your shop. A report on invalid items can be generated under
    2. There should not be any “not found EANs”, i.e. offers with missing product data. A respective report can be found and generated under
    3. Use our Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) to reach even more customers. Most important information on SPA can be found under
    4. If possible, upload your full assortment to your shop.
    5. If possible, adjust your prices, shipping costs and delivery times so that they do not differ from your offers on other platforms.