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Seller Info Area

Kaufland Global Marketplace

Become part of the international marketplaces with just one registration!

Kaufland is heading into the digital future and will open further online marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2023.

Map of Kaufland Global Marketplace

This step is the underlying foundation for the launch of the ‘Kaufland Global Marketplace’ – a technology offering fast and easy access to international online business. With just one registration, sellers can not only use the German marketplace, but also sell on other Kaufland marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the same time. Due to the interconnectivity of the Multi Marketplace Technology, Kaufland Global Marketplace enables international expansion in just a few steps and allows central control of your offers, orders and product data.

As a seller you can already benefit from the many advantages that Kaufland Global Marketplace will offer you!

Advantages of Kaufland Global Marketplace

As a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller, you expand your sales strategy and increase your reach and target groups. Reduce your dependency on a few sales channels and list easily with one of over 70 connected software interfaces or use the Rest API, CSV upload or manual entry options in the Seller Portal for your processes.

And that is not all:

Sellers who register in advance for the new marketplaces can benefit from great advantages:

  • sell for six months without basic fees after the launch of the marketplaces
  • no sales commissions in the first six months
  • advertising credit for sponsored product ads

You will be supported in the marketplace with various services, such as the translation of product data and assistance with country-specific tax and legal issues to ensure their start is as smooth as possible.