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Seller Registration

On this page you will find all relevant information to register as a seller on

Requirements to sell via our platform:

  • Must be operating a business
  • Ensuring good accessibility (by telephone and e-mail)
  • Providing customer communication in German
  • No selling of articles from forbidden categories
  • Availability of an official EAN (GTIN) for all products (the EAN must have been assigned by the manufacturer or GS1)

Required documents according to your legal form (minimum requirements):

Sole trader Legal Person
ID / passport of all legal representatives no upload,
needed for IDnow verification only
Business license
Trade register extract if applicable
(if not registered through OSS: German VAT ID and German tax number)
Proof on the share division

The beneficial owner:

According to the current Money Laundering Act, we are obliged to identify the beneficial owner(s) of your company. It is therefore very important that you provide this information when you register as a seller for your account to be activated as quickly as possible.

  • What is a beneficial owner?

    The beneficial owner is the natural person who is the owner of funds or other assets of your company, or a legal entity (such as a limited liability company) that ultimately has control over the company (legal basis: §3 Money Laundering Act (GwG)). The beneficial owner directly or indirectly holds 25 % or more of the shares or voting rights in your company. Therefore, several persons of your company can be beneficial owners.

  • What details and documents are required regarding the beneficial owner?

    To identify the beneficial owner, we require the name, date and place of birth, home address, as well as information on the exact capital share (in %). In addition, we require a shareholders' agreement, a list of shareholders, corresponding audit reports or other proof of the shareholding structure within the company. Information in the shareholders' agreement that goes beyond this information can of course be blacked out.

    Example 1: Ltd with two beneficial owners

    • Shareholder A has a 50 % share in the company
    • Shareholder B has a 40 % share in the company
    • Shareholder C has a 10 % share in the company

    Shareholders A and B are beneficial owners and would have to be declared by you accordingly. Shareholder C owns less than 25 % of the shares in the company and is therefore not the beneficial owner.

    Example 2: Ltd with two beneficial owners and one participating company

    • Shareholder A has 33 % share in the company
    • Shareholder B has 33 % share in the company
    • A participating Ltd company has a 34 % share in the company

    The participating Ltd company has the following shareholding structure:

    • Shareholder C: 40 % share in the participating company
    • Shareholder D: 60 % share in the participating company

    Only shareholders A, B and D are beneficial owners. A and B, as they own more than 25 % of the shares in the Ltd.

    Regarding the Ltd company involved, it depends on the ownership structure of the respective shareholders.

    Shareholder C is not the beneficial owner, as 40 % is generally not sufficient for a majority shareholding or control of the Ltd company involved. This is only the case if at least 50 % of the shares are held. For this reason, shareholder D is the beneficial owner because he controls more than 50 % of the Ltd company involved.

    Please upload all the necessary documents (including those relating the shareholdings of the involved company) when registering.