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Seller Info Area – Your marketplace is one of the biggest and fastest growing marketplaces in Germany! Being part of the Schwarz Group, belongs to one of Europe’s biggest retailers!

In 2023, Kaufland opened further online marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This step was the underlying foundation for the launch of ‘Kaufland Global Marketplace’.

With just one registration sellers can sell on many country-specific marketplaces with one registration.

Due to the interconnectivity of the Multi Marketplace Technology, Kaufland Global Marketplace enables international expansion in just a few steps and allows the central control of your offers, orders and product data.

Thanks to a combination of high brand awareness and state-of-the-art platform technology, you can increase your sales and visibility of your products fast and easily.

Over 10000 sellers offer more than 45 million articles in over 5000 categories on Kaufland Global Marketplace. This attracts 32 million visitors to every month.

We continued this success story by opening the new marketplaces and

Use the reach of the Kaufland marketplaces for your offers too and ignite the growth boost!

Map of Kaufland Global Marketplace
Advantages of Kaufland Global Marketplace