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Forbidden items

In accordance with all relevant legislation, the rules set forth in the Terms and conditions for suppliers as well as all conditions and guidelines accessible on corresponding pages (help pages), certain items and categories are not permitted to be offered on In particular, it is forbidden to place the following items and product categories in the database:

  • products that involve a contractual commitment for the customer that goes beyond the purchase contract
  • products that involve authorial services for academic works and offers for taking over examinations
  • products that involve business models for partial or complete debt reduction (e.g. to acquire government support)
  • products that involve the realisation of collateral (actions for recovering claims and realising collateral from terminated credit commitments)
  • products that involve ‘get rich quick’ business models
  • products that involve search services for compulsory auctions
  • products that involve pyramid schemes with promised income or multilevel marketing
  • gambling
  • products that violate the rights of third parties
  • products that use brand names without express documentation/authorisation
  • propaganda material and material with symbols of forbidden and unconstitutional organisations
  • material that glorifies violence, promotes sedition or is discriminatory
  • material that involves child pornography, bestiality, necrophilia, incest, rape or violence
  • media items that are listed in Part B of the List of media harmful to young persons and/or have content that constitutes crimes
  • organs and body parts as well as corpses and corpse parts
  • living and dead animals (except for food items)
  • weapons, weapon parts and ammunition
  • pharmacy-only medications and drugs of any kind, including marijuana for medicinal usage
  • drugs and associated accessories
  • medical products/devices not permitted for sale or whose authorisation has expired
  • genetically modified food items
  • plagiarised work, reproductions, counterfeit products
  • devices or technologies for deactivating copyright protection or for hacking and breaking down copy protection features
  • hardware for hacking telecommunications gateways or TV decoders
  • items not intended for resale (testers, supplements, samples)
  • other goods whose acquisition, possession, use or utilisation is criminal