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Kaufland Global Marketplace for Partners

Become a Multi-Marketplace Partner with Kaufland Global Marketplace!

Over 10000 sellers offer more than 45 million offers in over 5000 categories with Kaufland Global Marketplace. This attracts 32 million visitors every month.

We continued this success story in 2023 and opened additional online marketplaces: in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

Map of Kaufland Global Marketplace

This step is the underlying foundation for the launch of ‘Kaufland Global Marketplace’ – a technology offering fast and easy access to international online business. With just one registration, sellers can not only use the German marketplace, but also sell on other Kaufland marketplaces in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the same time and enjoy all the benefits:

Advantages of Kaufland Global Marketplace

Due to the interconnectivity of the Multi Marketplace Technology, Kaufland Global Marketplace enables international expansion in just a few steps and allows central control of your offers, orders and product data.

The listing is very simple, for example with one of the more than 70 software interfaces connected by our partners or via REST API.

You can find an overview of all our partners in the Partner Network.

  • You are not yet part of our partner network?
  • You would like to support our sellers in opening up new international sales channels?
  • You offer a technical solution or a digital service that can be linked to Kaufland Global Marketplace?

Then the partner info area of Kaufland Global Marketplace is the right place for you!

Find out more about the benefits of working directly with Kaufland Global Marketplace in our partner info area and contact our partner management team today for more information.

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Grow with us now and become a partner of Kaufland Global Marketplace

Are you a Kaufland Global Marketplace seller or would you like to become one?

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