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Sonnet Texturierpaste / 220 ml

🖌️ VARIETY IN PAINTING — Use the water-based texture paste with sand to give structure to your pictures — By diluting the paste with water, you can create different roughness levels — A sand texture is created as soon as the gel dries

🖌️ FOR ALL COLORS — Whether acrylic painting, oil paints, gouache or tempera on canvas or paper — Wait until the paste is completely dry before applying paint — Once the acrylic effect paste has dried, it will become durable and firm

🖌️ EASE OF USE — Can be used with a variety of tools: Coarse or stiff-haired brushes create more marks in the paint than soft brushes — A painting knife is useful for distributing texture paste and incorporating patterns

🖌️ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY — The water-based structural paste is non-toxic, vegan, odorless, does not cause allergic reactions in contact with the skin and complies with all European directives — For all artists from 3 years of age

🖌️ GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK — The Sonnet brand is manufactured in Neva Palette (Nevskaya Palitra) with over 85 years of experience in paint production and better prices than European paint manufacturers

Die wasserbasierte Texturierpaste Sonnet dient zum Modellieren dreidimensionaler Teile eines Kunstwerks. Die Paste behält auch nach dem Trocknen ihre feste, wasserfeste Form. Sie können die Oberfläche mit Acryl-, Tempera-, Gouache- oder Ölfarben bemalen. Sie können die Paste mit Wasser verdünnen.

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