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How it works

  1. Selling with
    1. Can I sell on
    2. How do I start on
    3. It's that easy to sell on!
  2. Create an account
    1. Registration & Activation
    2. Upload your logo
    3. Enter your shop URL
    4. Enter your shop information
    5. Text modules for complaints
    6. Shipment settings
    7. Returns settings
    8. E-mail settings
  3. Receive orders
    1. Manually
    2. CSV files
    3. Software interfaces
    4. REST API
  4. Receive sales proceeds
  5. Customer satisfaction
  6. Reports and statistics
  7. Shop conditions
  8. Conditions for our sellers
  10. Software interfaces

1. Selling with

Can I sell on

To sell on, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Pursuit of a trade (small business regulation not permissible).
  • Good accessibility (by telephone and e-mail) must be ensured.
  • Customer communication in German must be guaranteed.
  • Items from forbidden categories may not be sold.
  • An official EAN (GTIN) must be available for all products. The EAN must have been issued by the manufacturer or GS1.

Further details can be found in our General Terms and Conditions and in the Seller principles.

How do I start on

All you need to start on is an account. The complete registration is done online - initially you do not need to submit any postal documents.

It's that easy to sell on!

2. Create an account

Registration & Activation

All you need to sell on is an account. During the registration process, we ask you to enter all company data and to provide the first details of your shop.
The registration does not need to be made in one step. You can navigate back and forth within the registration at any time.
Once you have made all entries, your registration can be sent. Our team will check your data and activate your account as soon as possible. You will be informed about the activation separately by e-mail.

Upload your logo

This function allows you to display your own shop logo for each of your offers on This service does not have to be booked additionally and is covered by your monthly fee.

You can upload the logo in your account under Shop Einstellungen > Logo/Link.
Enter your shop URL

As an additional service you can book a link to your online shop for 9.95 € (plus VAT) per month. The link will be displayed to all customers on the homepage of your shop. This way you win customers for your own online shop.

You can save the link unde Shop Einstellungen > Logo/Link.
Enter your shop information

Tell your customers who stands behind your company! What are you an expert in? How many employees do you have? How fast is the shipping?

Under Shop Einstellungen > Shopseite you can enter a text about your company.
Text modules for complaints

To respond quickly and professionally to customer complaints, you can store ready-made text modules for the most common queries.


You can save your text modules in your account under Shop Einstellungen > Logo/Link.
Shipment settings

You can save your own shipping cost logic on To do so, you define shipment groups beforehand. Later, the shipment groups can be added to your offers simply by using the name you have assigned to them.


You ship your parcel items to Germany with DHL and to the Benelux countries with Hermes. You ship your forwarding items within Germany with Dachser.

In this case you would create 2 shipment groups:

  1. Parcel
  2. Haulage

When listing offers, whether manually, via CSV file, software partners or REST API, you now only have to specify the shipment groups for each item (here in the example "parcel" or "haulage"). Depending on which item the customer buys and where the customer lives, we automatically display the shipping costs defined by you.

You can define your own shipping groups in your account under Versandeinstellungen.

If you have forwarding items and have defined a forwarding agent as the shipping service provider, your items are automatically marked as "forwarding items". In these cases, we ask the customer to provide a telephone number for the notification.

Alternatively, you can mark individual items in your account as forwarding items under Versandeinstellungen > Speditionsversand.
Returns settings

On you can use the returns system or your own system. You make the returns setting under "Shopeinstellungen / Retouren" (shop settings / returns).

We offer you the following options for this:

  • Option 1: A ticket is opened. You can use this function to arrange returns with the customer and, for example, upload a return label.
  • Option 2: The customer is automatically shown a pre-defined text within a ticket.
  • Option 3: The returns system. Here, we prepare the return label for you. You can track the return process and current shipment status at any time in your customer account.
E-mail settings

As a partner, you will receive various types of e-mails from us, e.g. about sales, reports and disbursements. To ensure that these e-mails go directly to the right recipient in your company, you can define where individual e-mails are to be sent.

You can make your e-mail settings in your account under E-Mail Einstellungen.

3. Receive orders


You will be notified by email about every order. Additionally, you can manage your orders in your account.

You can find all customer orders in your account under Verkäufe verwalten.

You can also search for individual orders or customers. With the filter "Status auswählen” (select status) you can differentiate between new orders and orders that have already been sent.

Next to each sold item you can find different action fields.

  • Offer item again: Item is offered for sale again.
  • Cancel item: Customer gets his/her money back.
  • Display details: Shows all information concerning the order.
  • Display invoice: Shows the customer invoice - can be enclosed with the parcel.
  • as sent: Marks the item in the system as shipped and notifies the customer.
We strongly recommend that you enter a valid tracking number when marking the items. By doing so, you contribute significantly to higher customer satisfaction and reduce contacts with you and with’s customer service on the one hand. On the other hand, you will receive your invoice after 14 days instead of 21.
CSV files
You can export all orders by time period and status as a CSV file under Reporte & Statistiken > Ihre Verkäufe in your account.

Software interfaces

A large number of software interfaces already offers a direct connection to for automated and up-to-date import of your orders. To enable smooth system communication, generate your personal API access data in your account area.

You can find a list of all supported interfaces on our partnersite.

You can generate your API access data in your account under Shop Einstellungen > API.

Please save your access data securely, as they are not permanently displayed in your account. The access data must be stored in your software interface. Experience has shown that specific settings must also be made, which vary depending on the software used. Please consult your interface provider directly to find out which parameters you need to set.

Please note: Not every software is already connected to or supports all automation options offered by Therefore, please ask your respective contact person upfront whether the automated processing option works and which functions are supported.

Many software interfaces additionally offer the management of subsequent processes of an order, such as "report shipment" and "cancel item". Your interface provider will be happy to also inform you which processes can be displayed in addition to order receipt.


Through a direct connection to your systems via REST API, orders can be received quickly, easily and automatically by your system. The REST API offers you two different options for order notifications. Use the push notification function to receive an up-to-date and direct notification when places a new order or determine when and at what intervals the notifications are queried independently.

For an overview of how it works and examples, see our API-Dokumentation.

Recommended action: recommends the use of push notifications to be informed about orders in real time. This function offers many other notification options and is constantly being expanded.

Please note: provides you with a so-called id_order for orders. An id_order can consist of many, identical or different id_order_units (corresponds to one purchased item within the order and is used to address the individual order components in a targeted manner). Further information can be found here and here.
Please note: works with default limits, which are limited to 30 results.

You can also control all follow-up processes after order receipt via REST API with

  • Report item dispatch (incl. dispatch number)
  • Cancel item
An overview of all options can be found in our API documentation under Managing Orders.

4. Receive sales proceeds

You will receive the credit for your sales directly from Proceeds from the sales are initially marked as "reserved" and will be released in accordance with the following table:

Shipping mark Time of credit
Without shipment data 21 days after shipment
With shipment data 14 days after delivery to the customer
You can find an overview of your current balance in your account under Verkaufserlöse.
You can debit your available balance in your account under Verkaufserlöse > Verkaufserlöse auszahlen.

On the first day of the calendar month you will receive an invoice for the sales fees, such as the sales commission per sale and the monthly basic fee. With every payout you will additionally receive an exact report with all details of your payout by email.

Credit notes and invoices can be found in your account under Verkaufserlöse.

5. Customer satisfaction

Communication with the end-customer takes place in the ticket system, for example when the end-customer opens a return or complaint. You can find your tickets in your account under Tickets.

The tickets are divided into three categories:

  • Tickets to be processed (these cases require the fastest possible reaction from your side)
  • Open tickets (these cases are still pending, but wait here for a reaction of the customer or the customer service)
  • Archived tickets (closed cases are stored here)

Additionally, customers can rate the transaction with you.

You can find your ratings in your account under Bewertungen.

6. Reports and statistics

In your account you can request various exports, e.g. regarding your offered items, your orders or your product data, under Reporte & Statistiken.

7. Shop conditions

As a seller on, you can book a link to your online shop in addition to the monthly fee. You can change this service monthly.

You can manage your booked services in your account under Shopeinstellungen > Shopkonditionen.

8. Conditions for our sellers

There are no hidden costs at In addition to a monthly basic fee, you will only be charged the following sales commissions per sale. This results in the value of your credit note. The listing of items is free and unlimited.

Product group Commission
Computers, electronics1, household appliances2, tires, rims, complete wheels 7,0%*
Tools & garden equipment, bicycles, fitness equipment, table tennis tables3 10,0%*
Computer and electronic accessories4, Kitchen & household5, household appliance accessories, body care & health6, toys, office materials7, fan merchandise, watches & jewelry, food8, tobacco goods, garden & leisure9, furniture & living10, lamps & lights11, medication, sex toys12, clothing13, bags & accessories14, shoes, pet Supplies, costumes & accessories, party decoration, craft supplies, safety & protection, baby & baby accessories15, esoteric, car & motorcycle (without tires, rims, complete wheels)16, perfume, sports equipment17, pet food, other (not categorized) 12,5%*
Media18 12,5%* + 0,70 Euro per sold item (only applicable to media items)

* On your price plus shipping costs

Basic Fee 39,95 per Month, plus VAT
  • Unlimited listing of products
  • Diverse marketing for your products
  • Personal seller support
  • 1st level end-customer service
  • Lowest price automatic
Register now as a seller Change possible monthly
cancel at any time
Link to your online shop + 9,95 per month, total price 49,90€ plus VAT
  • All benefits of the basic fee
  • Link to your online shop
Register now as a seller Change possible monthly

1Game consoles, DVD players, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, home cinema systems, beamers, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS devices, PDAs, media players, CD players, stereo systems, amplifiers & receivers, speakers, MP3 players, digital photo frames, mobile phones, landline telephones, car Hifi, audio and video, barcode readers, PCs, copiers, processors, fax machines, flat screens / TFTs, Hard disks / HDD, hardware components, laser printers, mainframes, PC memory/RAM, motherboards, multifunction devices, netbooks, network analyzers, notebooks/laptops, POS terminals, print servers, routers, scanners, barebone servers, servers, special printers, surge protection, tablet PCs, thin clients, graphics cards, workstations, Blu-ray players
2Cooking and baking appliances, cleaning appliances, tea and coffee machines, kitchen appliances, air-conditioning and heating appliances, large household appliances, irons and steam ironing stations, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and ovens, microwaves, mixers, hobs, sewing machines, ovens, extractor hoods, deep fryers
3Tools, motor garden tools, hand garden tools, wood splitters, welding equipment, saws, snow shovels
4Game console accessories, camera accessories, mobile phone and PDA accessories, beamer accessories, TV accessories, cables, audio accessories, webcams, blank CDs, blank DVDs, cables for computers and peripherals, computer mice, docking station, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), ink cartridges, interface cards/adapters, IT security, keyboards, network cards/adapters, network cables, network accessories, network switches, consumables computers, power supply, voltage supply, printer supplies and extensions, rechargeable batteries/rechargeable batteries, toner cartridges, USB sticks, memory cards, protective foils
5Knives, dishes, cutlery, ladders, candles, lighters, buckets, vacuum cleaner bags, ashtrays, cooking containers, coffee machine accessories
6Bandaging materials, plasters, wound cleansing and hygiene, compresses, first aid accessories, blood pressure monitors, blood-glucose monitors, tampons and panty liners, dental care, hot water bottles and heat pads, contact lenses and contact lens accessories, scales, cosmetics
7Consumables office, maps
8Confectionery, food, coffee, tea, cocoa, wines, sparkling wine & champagne, spirits, beers, soft drinks, food supplements
9Plants & plant accessories, garden decoration, darden irrigation, barbecue & accessories, privacy screens & garden fences, tents, pools, saunas, sauna accessories, pool accessories
10Tables, chairs and benches, sofas and armchairs, cupboards, shelves, beds, home textiles, home decoration, bathroom equipment, garden furniture, office furniture, wallpaper, complete furnishings, slatted frames, mattresses, mattress covers, bathtubs, bathtub accessories, signs, safety guards, blankets, pillows, covers, fireplaces, benches, stools, loungers, sinks, fittings, pictures, fireplace accessories, floor coverings, wardrobes, air beds, hammocks, hammock accessories
11Garden lighting, illuminants
12Lubricants and drugstore
13Garden clothing, sportswear, trousers, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets & coats, business clothing, underwear, baby clothing, ties & bow ties, nightwear, stockings & socks, swimwear, scarves, headgear, gloves
14bags, sunglasses, notebook cases, bags/cases, belts, umbrellas, glasses, backpacks, suitcases
15Baby food, child car seats, child car seat accessories, child safety lock, baby phones
16Car accessories, motorcycles and motorcycle accessories, motorcycle clothing, helmets, tires
17Sports equipment, inline skates and skateboards, trophies and prizes, fishing, skates, balls, sportswear
18Movies, audio books, music, games, books, software


Here you will find important templates, for example for your offer and product data file.

Product data file:

You can add further items (EANs) to our product catalog by using a file. The template for the product data file can be found here: CSV example of a product data file.

A breakdown of which mandatory information is required for which category, as well as explanations and examples for filling these out, can be found here: Mandatory attributes per category

Offer data file:

Offers can be listed on by using an offer file, among other things. An example of the structure of such a file can be found in our CSV example of an offer file.

API documentation:

A detailed description of our REST API can be found in our API documentation.

10. Software interfaces

Manage your processes on even more easily using our software interfaces! has connections to numerous sales management solutions, merchandise management and shop systems which you can find on our partnersite.