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    Schwimmgürtel, Aufblasbarer Schwimmtrainingsgürtel, Verstellbarer Schwimmgürtel mit Pumpe, Schwimmgürtel für Kinder und Erwachsene, Wassersport

    Safe material: the swim belt is made of high quality and environmentally friendly material, safe, lightweight, comfortable, effectively increase buoyancy.

    Adjustable size: adjustable design for easy disassembly and closing. The adjustable swimming belt increases the buoyancy of the float and puts it on the back, can be easily adjusted to provide maximum comfort.

    SWIMMING AID - Full lumbar support, help you experience a simple and stress-free water workout. The floating tool is an excellent training aid for beginners.

    Ideal choice: With the swimming belt, your child can practice the horizontal swimming position and confidently the first one. Suitable for beginners to learn to swim and especially suitable for children and adults to play in the water.

    Note: This product is not a life-saving tool, can not prevent drowning in an emergency. It should be used under adult supervision when used by children.

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