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    21x7-10 & 20x10-9 Slasher ATV Quad Tyre Set Wanda Road Legal E-Marked (Set of 4)


    For sale are 4 brand new Slasher ATV Quad tyres

    Two: 21x7.00-10 front tyres
    Two: 20x10.00-9 rear tyres

    4ply Wanda P356 ATV tyre & 2pcs: 4ply Wanda P336 ATV tyre.
    These are rugged ATV tyres.
    These are tubeless tyres & are all E marked.
    They are hard wearing 4ply tyres with a tread depth of 12mm for the front tyres, 15mm for the rear tyres.

    Tyre dimensions: 21x7.00-10
    Overall diameter: 535mm
    Max section width: 178mm
    Max load: 205lbs (93kg) @ 5psi
    Max speed: 63mph (100kph)
    E-Marked: E4-75R-0005409
    Load & Speed Index 25J

    Tyre dimensions: 20x10.00-9
    Overall diameter: 508mm
    Max section width: 248mm
    Max load: 260lbs (118kg) @ 5psi
    Max speed: 63mph (100kph)
    E-Marked E4-75R-0005343
    Speed & Load Index 34J

    This tyres tread is designed for exceptional grip and balance for corning and unbeatable clean out.
    Non-directional tread pattern, Specifically manufactured for grand national cross country (GNCC)
    Dynamic Tread pattern provides exceptional traction.
    They can be used in any type of cross country terrain

    239,00 €

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