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    ESSORT Badewannenkissen,4D Air Mesh Technologie Komfort badewanne kopfkissen mit 5 Saugnäpfen Die verbesserte Version ist weicher und atmungsaktiver badewanne nackenpolste für Home Spa Whirlpools Weiss

    Do you enjoy long, relaxed baths?
    Essort bath cushions refresh your bathing experience.
    Because the beautiful moments are so precious, we have made the perfect bath pillow to make them even more special.
    * 4D mesh technology
    * New design & improved interface
    * More breathable and comfortable
    * No unpleasant smells, mold and algae formation
    * Quick drying and easy cleaning
    * 5 strong suction cups
    1x bath pillow with suction cups
    Size: 37X38X10CM
    1. Before installation, thoroughly clean and dry the tub with a clean cloth for better suction cup performance.
    2.When attaching the suction cups, be sure to press the dots on the front of the suction cup to make sure they are snug.
    3. Please keep bobby pins, necklaces, bracelets, razors, scissors, nail clippers and other sharp objects away from the pillow.
    4. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. We strongly recommend rinsing the pillow after each bath and hanging it in a well-ventilated place.
    5. Do not forcibly remove the pillow from the bathtub, but carefully pull the suction cups off with your fingers to allow air to escape.

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