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    Doktorspielzeug, hölzernes Kinderspielzeug, Simulationspuzzle-Spielzeugset für die frühe Bildung


    1. The squeezable syringe, built-in spring, round and chamfered will not hurt your hands, the simulation effect is good, it can be pushed like a real syringe to simulate injection

    2. Toy tooth model, easy to pull out, not easy to fall, and anti-scattering

    3. With a stethoscope, you can really hear the heartbeat, nickel plating process, not easy to rust, strong toughness, and playable

    4. Magnetic thermometer with adjustable temperature, 4 temperature plates, built-in magnet can be replaced as you like

    Product list: red cloth bag, stethoscope, capsule, tablet, small scissors, toothpaste, dental probe, dental mirror, absorbent Baumwolle, tweezers, pliers, syringe, thermometer, work permit, bandage, teeth

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