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    Ingrown Toenail Corrector Stickers Foot Care Stickers Non Glue Toenail Patch Adhesive Toenail Correction Pedicure Toe Nail Treatment Elastic Patch Sticker Blue Stick Bars

    Three layers: Deal with toenail pain effectively. Keep working for a long time.
    Double-side adhesive: Easy to use.
    Small piece: No wrap the whole toe. Can work by one small pice.
    Reasonable shape: Design for toes. Fits very well.
    At least 36 piece: Can use many times.
    Blue stick bars: Distinct and beautiful.

    Item type: Toenail Corrector Stickers
    Material: Elastic
    Package weight: 36pcs: 11g/0.38ozs
    48pcs: 13g/0.45ozs
    60pcs: 14g/0.49ozs
    72pcs: 15g/0.52ozs
    120pcs: 20g/0.70ozs
    Package size: 10pcs: 8*16*0.3cm/3.14*6.29*0.11inches
    30pcs: 8*16*0.3cm/3.14*6.29*0.11inches
    50pcs: 8*16*0.3cm/3.14*6.29*0.11inches
    100pcs: 8*16*0.3cm/3.14*6.29*0.11inches

    Package list:
    5 * Toenail Corrector Stickers

    8,99 €

    (487,26 €/1kg)

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