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    Für iPad iPhone Handy 11 XS 8 7 6 Micro USB zu HDMI 1080P HD TV Kabel Draht MHL auf HDMI Adapt 【Schwarz】

    Support Apple mobile phone 5 6 7 8 X XS 11 support ios12 13 system.
    Plug and play, Apple to HDMI high-definition video cable, perfectly compatible with ios full system.
    Features: iP5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 6plus / 6splus / 7plus / 8 X XS plus mobile phone to HDMI cable, transfer video synchronization TV projector.
    It is possible to connect iP mobile phones and tablets to high-definition TVs. Realize full digital picture, stronger and more stable than VGA analog signal, support 1080P plug and play, no hotspot setting and WIFI environment, no need to escape, support output directly!
    The 8PIN Apple interface is suitable for Apple mobile phones. It can realize the small screen of Apple mobile phones and enlarge the screen, and enlarge the content of the mobile phone screen to the TV and other large screen multimedia screens.
    Applicable scenarios: playing games (small screen becomes large screen); watching movies (small screen becomes large screen); watching photos (small screen becomes large screen); listening to songs (small screen becomes large screen).
    Support simultaneous transmission of sound, video and images.
    Line length: 2 meters
    Net weight: 53g
    Gross weight: 75g
    Product packaging: carton packaging
    Packing size: 8 * 15 * 2.3cm

    Operating procedures:
    1: Insert the HDMI cable of the product into the HDMI 1 interface of the TV, and select HDMI 1 for the output transmission of the TV display
    2: The product USB power supply is connected to a separate port 5v1A power supply
    3: The TV screen starts to display the QR code
    4: The product lightning is connected to the mobile phone charging port, and the mobile phone displays the battery charging logo
    5: Click on the phone screen and enter the phone's password to turn on the phone
    6: The screen displays the Waiting for Trust + Untrusting dialog box, and then click to select trust.
    7: Enter the phone password again and wait 5 to 10 seconds for the TV to display the phone screen.

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