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    USB Android Auto Carplay Autoplay Dongle Smartlink fš¹r Android Autoradio

    Product: Car Monitors
    Color: black, white (variable)
    Material: ABS
    Power consumption: 0.25W
    Input: DC5V 1-2.1A
    Output: DC5V 1-2.1A

    Voice control: It can be used with maps / music / phone calls.
    Support voice commands, you can make calls, use maps, listen to music and access messages.
    Touch screen and high-definition display: Two-way control and view your phone on car navigation screen using USB cable.
    Compatible devices: iPhones with iOS 8.0 and above; Android phones and car audio with Android 4.2 and above;
    Wince can perform car navigation for map navigation.

    Product Features:
    1. Intelligent voice control: Support Siri / Music / Map / Phone / Information / Audio books.
    The Siri feature will help you call Rose or any friend.
    Please note that the speed of our device depends on the speed of your phone.
    Listen to your favorite songs with iTunes, Apple Music or hands-free installed apps.

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