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    Nägel Lichthärtungsgerät UV-Lampe Gel Nägel Nageltrockner Weiß



    Weight: 0.8kg

    Measurement: 22.5*20.5*9.5cm

    Power: 36W

    Input: 220V 60Hz (EU plug)


    4 x 9W lamp bulbs.

    Suitable for hands and feet.

    36W UV lamp designed for instant UV gel nails curing.

    Reflective layers on the inner wall of the lamp, more effective for curing.

    This small and cool design lamp is suitable for both professional and personal nail care uses.

    Tunnel style powerful UV lamp designed for instant gel nails curing as well as for nail varnish.

    This wavelength is visible and harmless to eyes, but supposed not to stare at the bulb for a long time.

    Can be used for setting nail polish and various kinds of UV products, such as UV top coat / UV builder gel / etc.

    Power: 36W

    Type: UV Lamps

    Power Type: Electric

    Materials: Stainless Steel

    Package weight: 0.734 kg

    Package Content:

    1 x Gel Nail Dryer

    1 x Power Cord

    4 x Lamp Tubes

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