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Seller Info Area

Translation Services

Icon Translation

Product data plays an essential role when it comes to increased sales and this is exactly where our partner Powerling will support you! Powerling provides translation services that perfectly meet your needs and expectations.

Powerling offers you more than 35 years of experience with expertise in 125 languages. Start working with our partner now to get the best translations possible for your product data. Ranging from highest quality to budget-friendly solutions - starting from 1 cent per word only!

There are three translation types you can choose from:

  • Machine translation (from 0.01 € per word)
  • Machine translation with post-edition (from 0.09 € per word)
  • Human translation (from 0.15 € per word)

Here you can find sample calculations for your product data translations.


See all the details and get in touch now


  1. Go to our partner’s website
  2. Fill in the form and choose a translation type.
  3. Submit and get a non-binding offer.
  4. Confirm and receive your translation at short notice.
  5. Upload the translated product data on our platform.
Sample calculations
Icon Powerling

The following example is calculated on the basis of average product data with 130 words in total:

  • Title: 10 words
  • Description: 120 words
Package Calculation Total for 100 products
(machine translation only)
machine translation of title and description: 130 words x 0.01 € 130 €
(machine translation of description and title + post-editing of title)
machine translation of description: 120 words x 0.01 €
machine translation and post-editing of title: 10 words x 0.09 €
210 €
(human translation)
human translation of title and description: 130 words x 0.15 € 1,950 €
*plus additional preparation costs depending on uploaded files

FAQ (provided by Powerling)

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