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Seller Info Area


There are no hidden costs on Besides the monthly fees we only charge the sales commissions listed below. Listing an unlimited number of items is free of charge at any time.

Overview of the Sales Commissions

Category Old commission
(until 02.02.2023)
New commission
(from 03.02.2023)
computer, electronics1, household appliances2, tyres, rims, full wheels 7.0 %* 7.0 %*
workshop & gardening tools3, fragrances, bicycles 10.0 %* 10.0 %*
bikes & e-bikes 10.0 %* 13.0 %*
fitness equipment, sport & outdoor (except camping, gym & stand-up paddle boards), ping pong tables3, computer equipment and electronical equipment4, kitchen & household5, household appliances equipment, body care & health6, toys, stationary7, merchandise, watches, food & beverages8, tobacco products, garden & leisure9, furniture & living10, lamps & lighting11, medicine, sex toys12, fashion13, bags & accessories14, shoes, pet supplies, fancy dresses, party decoration, craft supplies, protection and safety, baby & baby supplies15, esotericism, car and motor bikes (excl. tyres, rims, full wheels)16, sport equipment17, pet food, other (uncategorised) 13.0 %* 13.0 %*
pet supplies, camping, gym & stand-up paddle boards 13.0 %* 15.0 %*
media17 13.0 %* + 0.70 € per item sold (for media products only) 13.0 %* + 0.70 € per item sold (for media products only)
jewelry 16.0 %* 16.0 %*

*on your price incl. shipping costs, plus VAT

As a seller on you also have the option to book a linking to your own website in addition to your basic plan. You can change your plan on a monthly basis.

Your booked conditions can be changed here: Shop Settings -> Subscriptions in your Seller Portal.

Basic plan

  • Unlimited products
  • Diverse marketing
  • Personal support
  • 1st-level end customer service
  • Low price automatic

39.95 € * / month
* all prices plus VAT

Monthly changes possible. Cancel at any time.

Basic plan + linking

  • Unlimited products
  • Diverse marketing
  • Personal support
  • 1st-level end customer service
  • Lowest price automatic
  • Linking to your online shop

49.90 € * / month
* all prices plus VAT

Monthly changes possible. Cancel at any time.

1Game consoles, DVD players, LCD TVs, plasma TVs, home theater systems, projectors, digital cameras, camcorders, GPS devices, PDAs, media players, CD players, stereo systems, amplifiers & receivers, speakers, MP3 players, digital photo frames, mobile phones, landline phones, car hifi, audio and video, barcode readers, PCs, copiers, processors, fax machines, flat screens/TFTs, hard disks/HDD, hardware components, laser printers, mainframes, PC memory/RAM, motherboards, multifunctional devices, netbooks, network analysers, notebooks/laptops, POS terminals, print servers, routers, scanners, barebone servers, servers, special printers, surge protectors, tablet PCs, thin clients, graphics cards, workstations, Blu-Ray players

2Cooking and baking devices, cleaning devices, tea and coffee makers, kitchen appliances, air conditioning and heating devices, major household appliances, irons and steam ironing stations, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves and ovens, microwaves, mixers, hobs, sewing machines, ovens, extractor hoods, deep fryers

3Tools, motorised gardening tools, hand gardening tools, log splitters, welders, saws, snow shovels

4Gaming console equipment, camera equipment, mobile phone and PDA accessories, projector accessories, TV equipment, cables, audio equipment, webcams, blank CDs, blank DVDs, cables for computers and peripherals, computer mice, docking stations, UPS uninterruptible power supply, ink cartridges, interface cards/adapters, IT security, keyboards, network cards/adapters, network cables, network accessories, network switches, computer consumables, power supplies, printer equipment and extensions, rechargeable batteries/batteries, toner cartridges, USB sticks, memory cards, protective films

5Knives, dishes, silverware, ladders, candles, lighters, buckets, vacuum cleaner bags, ashtrays, cooking pots and pans, coffee maker equipment

6Bandages, plasters, wound cleaning and hygiene, compresses, first aid equipment, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, tampons and panty liners, dental care, hot water bottles and heating pads, contact lenses and contact lens equipment, scales, cosmetics

7Office consumables, cards

8Sweets, food, coffee, tea, cocoa, wines, sparkling wines & champagne, spirits, beers, soft drinks, food supplements

9Plants & planting equipment, garden decoration, garden irrigation, grills & grill equipment, privacy screens & garden fences, tents, pools, saunas, sauna equipment, pool equipment

10Tables, chairs and benches, sofas and armchairs, cupboards, shelves, beds, home textiles, home decoration, bathroom equipment, garden furniture, office furniture, wallpaper, complete furnishings, slatted frames, mattresses, mattress protectors, bathtubs, bath accessories, signs, safety gates, bedspreads, pillows, covers, fireplaces, benches, stools, couches, sinks, faucets, pictures, fireplace equipment, floor coverings, wardrobes, air beds, hammocks, hammock equipment

11Garden lights and lamps

12Lubricants and drugstore

13Garden wear, sportswear, pants, tops, dresses, skirts, jackets & coats, business wear, underwear, baby wear, ties & bow ties, nightwear, stockings & socks, swimwear, scarves, headwear, gloves

14Bags, sunglasses, notebook bags, bags/cases, belts, umbrellas, glasses, backpacks, suitcases

15Baby food, child car seats, child car seat equipment, child safety locks, baby monitors

16Car equipment, motorcycles and motorcycle equipment, motorcycle clothing, helmets, tyres

17Movies, audio books, music, games, books, software